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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Third Branch Weighs In On The NC Budget

          A few weeks ago, the North Carolina State Legislature passed what I thought was a particularly offensive mix of spending and tax cuts and called it a budget.  Yesterday, a judge in the Superior Court of Wake County, North Carolina issued the first of probably many decisions which will require the lawmakers to go back to the drawing board.

          In an article in today's Charlotte Observer, I learned that the 2012 Budget's mandatory caps on enrollment in State-run pre-kindergarten programs were unfair to at-risk children that would be left out.  The Judge's order, poetic in its phrasing read, in part:

          "This case is about the individual right of every child to have the equal opportunity to obtain a sound basic education.  The constitutional right belongs to the child, not to the adults. Each at-risk four year old that appears at the doors of the (North Carolina prekindergarten) program this fall is a defenseless, fragile child whose background of poverty or disability places the child at-risk of subsequent academic failure."

          I could not have said it better, or in fact even as well, myself.  I am glad to see the Third Branch doing their job.  The Legislative Branch, using numerical force, was attempting to ride roughshod over the Executive.  When that happens, the Courts are supposed to step in and make a decision.  That has not been the case in so long that I had forgotten it was even an option.  Maybe this Republican-dominated Legislature will prove a catalyst to the re-emergence of the Judiciary as an active agent of Governance.  Maybe we will get redress for these overreaches of Legislative power to the detriment of the populace before more harm can be done.  Maybe I'm just a little too optimistic over the outcome of one measly hearing.

          I hold no great hope for anything else to be reversed.  Though odious, the 2012 Budget is (for the most part, apparently) legal.  With the possible exception of some of the estimated 18,000 teachers that are losing their jobs suing under the 4th Amendment's protections against "loss of personal property" (which, I was told when I was in college to be a teacher, is precisely what tenure is), then I see no other aggrieved parties having any legal means to challenge this budget's damaging provisions.  Oh well, at least the kids get to go to Pre-k.  Unless they just vote to totally dismantle it.  Can't say it's unfair if it's unavailable to all, can you?  Let's just hope it doesn't come to that. 

          As it is, Governor Perdue's already had to add a pre-emptive warning to the Legislature in her Official Statement on the ruling.  Knowing what a bunch of "fuck everybody that ain't me or mine" cock-biters we have over there right now, she said the following:

          "I call upon our legislative leaders to act swiftly to fix this injustice so these children can start school in the fall, but in doing so they should not inflict further cuts on other educational programs."

          Didja hear that, ya paunchy bastards?  No robbing from Peter to pay Paul.  Unless Peter's last name happens to be McRichbastard-Republicandonor.  Yeah, his mom's family, having no male heirs, insisted she go with a hyphenate.  His paternal Grandmother's family (the Donors) felt the same way, but generations of inbreeding made both her and her spouse, Hartless Republican, too stupid to use a hyphen and unable to put the names in the traditional order.  Sad, really.  Poor Peter McRichbastard-Republicandonor.  They can't even let him use the family silver service at his wedding because he's so unpredictable around shiny things with sharp edges.   It'll still be a nice service though.  Constance Makeupyourowndamnfunnynamethatsoundsrich has shown quite a knack for having her personal assistant hire staff to hire wedding professionals...

          So, there we are.  A victory in the courts.  A small, more than likely Pyrrhic victory, but I figure good news is good news.  Any bit is a nice change from the last few months.



  1. With the Repukes owning the coming economic crash lock, stock and barrel,along with old Mossad Murdoch's News Corps going down in flames, the past week or two seems like Divine Providence.....I think I'll push our luck and suggest that if the Chief Justice of the SCOTUS chokes to death on some Italian Sausage and if the Italian Sausage and his butler Clarence were both tragically killed in a duck hunting accident in a Koch Brothers duck blind at an undisclosed location with a former VP....I would think the Second Coming would be right around the corner to complete the transformation to a perfect world...but that's just me a 63 y/o old hippie guitar picker former LRRP redneck speaking.........others mileage might vary some.

  2. @ Doc I say, if you're gonna dream, might as well dream big